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Child support is money that one parent pays to the other parent to provide their children with financial support after a divorce or separation. Child support is the child(ren)’s right.

The Child Support Guidelines are used to calculate how much child support is payable every month, by taking into account the number of children in a family and the annual income of each parent. The parent with whom the child is primarily residing will receive a monthly amount in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines. If the child is living with both parents relatively equally, a further assessment must be made to determine the appropriate amount of child support payable.

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Other factors which may influence the amount of child support payable include:

  • A shared custody arrangement
  • Special and extraordinary expenses
  • Parents whose annual income is far more or far less than the average Canadian

Over time, a parent’s income changes, as do the needs of the child, and the issue of child support may have to be revisited and the set amount duly modified. When a parent is not forthcoming in disclosing his or her income, it further complicates the process of calculating child support.

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