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The aim of spousal support is to relieve an economic loss suffered by the lower-income spouse, by giving them time to become self-sufficient and compensation for income forfeited during the course of the relationship, as he or she may have stayed at home in order to care for the children.

The issue of spousal support can be even more difficult to resolve than child support. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines provide for a suggested range of support, but they are not binding in a court of law. Spousal support is influenced by several considerations:

  • Child support payable
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Income disparity
  • Age & health of the spouses
  • Past work experience/future career prospects

Goldstone Lawyers Professional Corporation will help you figure out the range of spousal support payable by examining the above factors.
Spousal support may be a lump sum payment or periodic payments over time.

We understand that a separation may have you and your partner harbouring feelings of anger and resentment towards each other.
Our team of advocates will strive to achieve an agreeable settlement in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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